Prevention and treatment of Lateral Hip Pain

Nearly everyone has pain in their hip at some time or another.

When you have lateral hip pain, the chronic pain can become debilitating, and it can be the cause of a number of  issues.

The best way to safeguard against having to undergo treatment is to take precautions to avoid getting the condition through efforts such as strengthening the hip.

What is lateral hip pain?

Lateral hip pain is pain that occurs on the outside of the hip. While runners are especially prone to lateral hip pain, so are other groups of people, such as women over 40 and men and women who have had a total hip replacement. It can occur from a variety of causes, which includes degeneration (wear and tear) of the hip, various injuries, according to “Pain in Lateral Hip During Running,” iliotibial (IT) band syndrome or inflammation from Trochanteric bursitis. Activities that can contribute to the development and potential worsening of lateral hip pain includes frequently standing in one place with one hip pushed out to the side, poor posture and sleeping on the side that is already painful.

Lateral hip pain treatment

Treatment for lateral hip pain may vary somewhat. Dr George Hardas of Spinal Care in Sydney provides an assessment of your lateral hip pain, and offers the best course of therapy will be discussed with you. Recommendations from your medical provider will be considered if your doctor has referred you for therapy to treat your lateral hip pain.

Recovery can take considerable time, but when you visit Spinal Care in Sydney, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible course of treatment to help you regain strength in your hip and to relieve your pain.

Your treatment programme will be customized to your particular lateral hip pain treatment needs. Dr Hardas also work with those who are prone to develop lateral hip pain to help prevent lateral hip pain from occurring as we work with you to strengthen the hip and give you better hip control. Whether you are suffering from lateral hip pain or looking to prevent it, Sydney’s Spinal Care can assist with your issue and provide the very best possible outcome.

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