Blending Expert Sydney Chiropractic Care with Advanced Pain Management for Ingleburn and Kogarah

Dr George Hardas

Qualified Doctor (chiropractor)

MMed (Syd) MScMed (Syd) MChiro (Macq) BSc(Syd) Grad Cert Pain Management (Syd) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Syd)

My name is Dr. George M. Hardas, a Sydney-based Consultant Chiropractor with extensive experience and education. I am committed to delivering top-quality care to my patients, utilizing my six tertiary qualifications obtained from leading universities in Australia.

Being part of Macquarie University’s inaugural graduating class for chiropractic studies, the first accredited program in the country, I have refined my skills in spinal care. Additionally, I hold the distinction of being the first chiropractor worldwide to receive a Master of Science in Medicine/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from the Pain Management Research Institute at Royal North Shore Hospital. This advanced training has provided me with a profound understanding of intricate pain mechanisms and innovative treatment approaches.

I completed extensive clinical research at the Orthopaedic Research Institute, St George Hospital Clinical School, resulting in a Master of Medicine degree. This has provided me with detailed knowledge of spinal function, pain mechanisms, and advanced treatments.

My research has been acknowledged at esteemed conferences including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, St George Hospital and Sutherland Hospital Medical Research Symposium, and the annual Sports Medicine Australia conference.

With clinical experience at St George Private Hospital & Medical Complex in Sydney, and additional training from the United States, I have developed effective chiropractic care techniques for treating spinal issues. My successes in chiropractic services include treating headaches, migraines, vertigo, neck and shoulder pain, back pain-including radiculopathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome & sciatica.

My mission is to provide the highest quality of patient care, improve spinal mobility and function, and enhance the quality of life for all my patients in Kogarah and Ingleburn. I am committed to advancing the science of chiropractic through research, education, and the application of advanced techniques in spinal care.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care and Pain Management Services

Expert Diagnosis and Treatment for a Wide Range of Conditions

Our professional Kogarah chiropractors assess and provide management of various patient conditions affecting the spine, neck, and back. Whether you’re suffering from acute pain, chronic discomfort, or a sports injury, our clinic specialists will conduct a thorough examination to determine the root cause of your issue. Our practice utilizes cutting-edge diagnostic tools, such as MRI, CT, and X-ray, to identify disc herniation, bulge, or desiccation that may be contributing to your symptoms.

Personalised Rehabilitation and Pain Relief Strategies

Our dedicated team of chiropractors, neurologists, and physiotherapists work together to develop customized intervention plans for each patient. We focus on alleviating pain, improving mobility, and addressing any underlying dysfunction in the body. Our clinical treatments designed to promote tissue healing and help prevent further injury.

Comprehensive Care for Sports Injuries and Motor Racing Accidents

We have extensive experience in treating sports injuries and motor racing accidents, helping athletes and racers regain their optimal function and return to their passions. Our multidisciplinary approach combines orthopaedics, surgery, and physiotherapy to ensure a holistic healing process that addresses all aspects of the injury.

Addressing Neurological and Visual Impairments

In addition to spinal and muscular conditions, our practice offers specialized care for patients experiencing dizziness, vertigo.

Treating Postural Issues and Scoliosis

Our chiropractors are highly skilled in identifying and correcting postural issues, such as scoliosis and poor alignment, that can lead to long-term discomfort and dysfunction. Through personalized therapy and targeted interventions, we can help you improve your posture and alleviate any related symptoms, like pins and needles or paraesthesia.

Conveniently Located Practices in Sydney

With locations in St George, Macarthur, Kogarah, and Ingleburn, our patients have easy access to our top-quality care. Ensuring seamless coordination between our team and any necessary medical specialists.

Accepting a Variety of Insurance and Payment Options

We strive to make our chiropractic services in Kogarah and Ingleburn available to all by accepting a range of insurance and payment options including Medicare, health insurance, and Veterans Affairs coverage. Furthermore, we have close relationships with local universities to remain informed about the latest developments in our field.

Choose our comprehensive chiropractic care and pain management services for the relief, rehabilitation, and improved function you deserve.