6 tips for Recovering from Low Back Pain

No one wants to suffer from chronic lower back pain, but it is estimated that over half of the population will struggle with lower back pain at one point or another.

Some people will notice that it comes and goes while other people will find that it haunts every day of their life.
The good news is that there are some great lifestyles rules that you can adhere to that will help you recover quicker from lower back pain.

The following tips are recommended for everyone, however if pain persists or for pain prevention, arrange a consultation with Dr George Hardas from Sydney’s Spinal Care and he can provide professional treatment and advice.

Alter Your Diet

First off you need to give your lower back what it needs to heal, and that means that your body needs to be receiving the proper nutrients since the healing process expounds energy. The goal should be to keep your diet balanced with plenty of protein since muscles need protein to heal. Fruit and vegetables also offer extra nutrients that will expedite the healing process.

Quit Smoking

Believe it or not, lower back pain can actually be caused or worsened by smoking since smoking deprives the blood supply of oxygen therefore depriving the spine of certain nutrients it needs. The longer you smoke the longer your spine goes without proper nutrients and oxygen making it difficult for your spine to heal itself. Simply quitting can help return oxygen to your blood and allow the spine to heal fully.

Approach Medications Cautiously

When you are in pain it is normal to want to take pain medications for relief, but think about each medication before you dose. Narcotics and muscle relaxants used for long periods of time have side effects that may hurt you more than they help.

Change Sleep habits

Your body does the most healing while you sleep, so if you are not getting enough sleep you will leave your body weary and drained. Make sure you are sleeping at least eight hours every night and do not disturb your sleep by inhibiting any nicotine or caffeine the last few hours of the day before you go to bed.

Exercise Regularly

Most lower back pain is caused by sore muscles, and the only way to prevent this is to strengthen your muscles which means that you need to start a strong exercise regime.

Get Professional Help

You will have the best success if you follow these rules and regularly see Dr George Hardas who is a specialist that provides lower back pain and chronic pain treatment. George will isolate the cause of back pain and treat the pain.
By combining treatment with lifestyle changes you can help reduce your back pain and make sure it never comes back!