Back to school for Children

As the school holidays head towards an end, many children are trading in their days of relaxation for scheduled classes. Whether or not children are looking forward to heading back to school, there is always a significant chance of them experiencing some form of strain, back pain or spinal episode. As a spinal expert here at Spinal Care, Dr George Hardas understands the concerns surrounding healthy backs in children. It is made evident that multiple instances of back pain experienced by children are a direct cause of, or aggravated by, carrying heavy schoolbags and poor posture.

In terms of schoolbag related risks for causing children back pain, it has been found that many children are carrying bags which are in between 10-30% of their own body weight, are carrying them over one shoulder only, and wearing them incorrectly fitted. What chiropractors highly recommend is that the backpack be carried on both shoulders in order to even out the weight and minimise the risk of strains and pain. Utilising the bags’ straps assist in ensuring the backpacks’ weight is close to the spine which allows for a reduced chance of muscle stress for the child.

Further, many school students have been seen to sit slumped over their desks for a prolonged period of time, placing them at a greater risk of experiencing discomfort in both their necks and backs. As a chiropractor would suggest, it is important that a child is seated at a desk which does not allow for them to constantly twist their backs, but allows for them to be seated upright and straight. When studying, it is recommended that the child does not lay on their front or their side on the floor, and when seated on a chair, it is recommended that their feet be able to touch the ground.