5 Tips for Back Pain relief

5 Tips for Back Pain relief

Back pain has become a common problem, and many people rarely take it seriously thanks to the modern way of life. People are so busy with their lives that a slight discomfort in their back does not get the attention it deserves. However, it is imperative to note that back pains can negatively affect the quality of your life. It can deny you quality sleep in addition to affecting your productivity at work. Below is a rundown of some tips you can count on to relieve back pain.

1. Maintain a Good Posture

Maintaining good posture is a great natural remedy for back pain. Whether one is standing or sitting, it is advisable to keep the chin up, chest out, and most importantly, back straight. A good posture facilitates the efficient flow of blood, oxygen, and important chemicals to different body organs. It also serves to relieve stress on the back and the spinal region, and this goes a long way in solving back pain problems.

2. Check your Weight

Weight is an important factor to think of when it comes to dealing with back pains. Increasing weight can put more pressure on the spine, which has the effect of causing back pains. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight can be a panacea for back pain in some cases.

3. Sleep Properly

Seven to eight hours of sleep per day can go a long way in helping you solves back pain problems. However, remember that you have to sleep on the right mattress and in the right position- either on your back on the side. Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your health. A soft mattress will also offer you relief from back pain.

4. Lift Things Properly

If you have to lift weighty objects, you should do it in the right way. Bend the legs but keep the back straight. It is also advisable to keep the load close to the body. This will protect your spine from injuries, and solve back pain issues.

5. Keep your Muscles Strong

If your back muscles are not strong enough, you are at the risk of putting stress on your spine especially when you lift heavy objects. This excess stress on the spine can cause back pains. It is, therefore, imperative to engage in activities that can enhance the strength of your muscles to protect the spine and eliminate back pains.

So, what’s next?…

Overall, it is apparent that there are several simple tips you can rely on to deal with back pains. However, it might be wise to seek the assistance of your local chiropractor even as you pursue these natural remedies. If you are in Sydney, you can count on Dr. George Hardas of Sydney St George Hospital for more information on back pain solutions.