Tips to Improve your Spinal Health

One of the most frequently complained about health concerns within Australia is back pain, often due to choices and issues associated with the lifestyles most people have, as well as due to the lack of attention payed towards the health of their spine. What tends to result from this is a reduction on mobility and flexibility of the spine as the disks and bones deteriorate progressively. Following are a few advised tips as to how to keep the spines health maintained.

  1. Exercise regularly:
  • The modernised lifestyle has seen an increasingly sedentary population, however, the ability to remain active is still possible through opting to either walk or cycle to work as opposed to taking transport. Exercise is seen to enable stability and strengthen the spine, but it is important to begin sporting/exercise programs at a slow pace in order to allow for the muscles to warm up.
  1. Maintain a good posture:
  • Whilst standing, sitting, lying down or walking, it is important to ensure minimal strain on spinal tissues, and so, it is recommended that supportive postures are implemented, to minimise the risks of injuring the spine.
  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle:
  • By means of improving spinal health, it is important to improve your overall health first. This includes paying close attention to living a healthy lifestyle, with close management of body weight, nutrition, as well as mental health.
  1. Use proper lifting techniques:
  • Using proper techniques when lifting up objects safeguard the spine from injuries in the long run. It is suggested that when lifting up an object, it is best to ensure the back is kept straight and bending occurs at the  legs. This in turn aims to decrease stress levels on the lower back, preventing pain.
  1. Quit smoking:
  • Smoking reduces the oxygen supply to the body, which becomes alarming as oxygen is crucial for the maintenance of the ligaments and muscles. It is more likely for back pain to arise in smokers than it is to in non-smokers.
  1. Sleep properly:
  • Sleeping in the accurate position (on the back or side) alongside proper sleeping hours (around 8 hours per day) will allow for sufficient tissue growth and repair, which, long term, improves spinal health.
  1. Use your mobile phone less often:
  • Focusing on mobile devices and phones for an extended period of time can be harmful to the health of the spine, it may result in headaches, back pain, pain in the shoulders, as well as increase the curve in the spine.
  1. Consult your local chiropractor:
  • Sometimes it is difficult or confusing on where one should start in terms of keeping their spine in a healthy condition, so it can be recommended that a visit to the chiropractor be prioritised. It will be the role of the chiropractor to provide an assessment of the condition of the spine, and then provide the most effective and suitable guidance following that.