The date, September 18, 1895.

An example of this is the very first Chiropractic adjustment of the modern era.


The date, September 18, 1895. On this day Harvey Lillard walked into D.D. Palmer’s office (who was Chiropractic’s founder). Harvey Lillard was deaf, this was a result of an injury he had suffered 17 years earlier, hearing a ‘snap’ noise in his neck. He then stated he noticed immediately a bump, pointing to an area of his neck. Harvey Lillard had been to many doctors without success, telling him he was born with that bump on his neck.

D.D. Palmer asked Harvey Lillard if he would mind if he examined this bump. In D.D.’s mind he saw that if the production of the bump meant the losing of the man’s hearing, the reduction of the bump should restore it. He asked Harvey Lillard if he could work on him. D.D. Palmer began thrusting on this bump. On the third consecutive day, Harvey Lillard jumped up and exclaimed, “I can hear!, I can hear, Doc!”. He was actually hearing the rumble of the horse drawn trolley cars gliding over the cobble stones four storeys below. From the back of the neck of Harvey Lillard, dates the beginning of the evolution of the art, science, and philosophy of Chiropractic.