Neck Pain

The neck consists of what is called the seven ‘cervical vertebrae’, which contains several discs separating each vertebra. Pain in the neck can be a result of multiple sources, ranging from; the cervical spine and its surrounding tissues, muscles and ligaments; structures located in the neck such as lymph nodes, vessels, the thyroid gland, and the wind pipe; or, it can also be caused by functions which are not directly located within the neck, such as the heart, and this is identified as “referred” pain. Additionally, situations such as falls, injuries related to sport, motor vehicle accidents, aging, or poor posture are all linked to neck pain.

At our clinic, Dr George Hardas individually and thoroughly assesses each patient with an initial history examination in order to determine the reasoning behind a patient’s neck pain, with a full examination being employed once confirmation for chiropractic treatment suitability has been determined.

Case report 1: He was presented with a female patient who complained of chronic neck pain and headaches. This patient, at 30 years of age (15 years ago) was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition known to result in tenderness and pain throughout the muscular system of the entire body. They had visited numerous health services including; physiotherapists, neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, acupuncturists, rheumatologists, and another chiropractor with a lack of relief/ positive, long term results. Treatment methods have ranged from simple recommendations such as yoga and Pilates to the Feldenkrais method, Alexander technique, craniosacral therapy, and Bowen technique.

After visiting our chiropractic clinic, Dr Hardas was able to diagnose specifically the cause of her presenting symptoms and apply the appropriate, specific interventions.

The outcome for this patient were excellent long term results in comparison to the other interventions they had.