Back Neck Non-Operative Sydney

Back & Neck pain Non-Operative options…..

Back Pain can be the result of many factors, including Neuropathic pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Central/Peripheral Sensitization or general Chronic pain. We specialise in back neck non-operative Sydney.

Any of these can affect your day to day life in a number of ways, from an annoying pain through to a major disruption to your daily routine, such as going to work, driving the car, or even just getting out of bed.

Dr Hardas has over 30 Years in Clinical Practice

Dr Hardas has completed 10 years of clinical research of the spine at the Orthopaedic Research InstituteSt George Hospital Clinical School achieving a Master of Medicine (Research). This specailty has trained me in the highly detailed understanding of the function, pain generating mechanisms and what is the most innovative treatment of the spine.

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