Dr George Hardas-achievements

MMed (Syd) MScMed (Syd) MChiro (Macq) BSc(Syd) Grad Cert Pain Management (Syd) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Syd)

Welcome, my name is George M. Hardas, I am a Consultant Chiropractor. I have attained in my training 6 levels of tertiary qualifications from Australias’ leading Universities in providing the the best level of care to my patients.

In addition to my chiropractic qualifications from Australia’s first accredited University for Chiropractic-Macquarie University. I am the first chiropractor both domestically & internationally to attain from the Pain Management Research Institute at Royal North Shore Hospital the degree of Master of Science in Medicine/Cognitive Beahvioural Therapy giving me higher levels in understanding complex pain mechanisms and innovative treatments.

In addition completing 10 years of clinical research of the spine at the Orthopaedic Research Institute, St George Hospital Clinical School achieving a Master of Medicine. This specailty has trained me in the intricate understanding of the function, pain generating mechanisms and what is the most innovative treatment of the spine.

I have had my research accepted at the prestigious annual conference of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons as well at the St George Hospital and Sutherland Hospital Medical Research Symposium. Also presenting at the annual conference of Sports Medicine Australia.

As well my clinical experience at St George Private Hospital & Medical Complex together with additional training from the United States I have established effective techniques to treat the spine. Having established success in treating headaches/migraines, vertigo (dizziness), neck and shoulder pain as well as back pain and sciatica.

My aim is to provide the highest quality in patient care, to improve mobility and function of the spine and enhance the quality of life for all my patients and to advance the science of Chiropractic through research and education using the most advanced techniques in the care of the spine.

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