Hip pain, recently I was fortunate to attend a seminar presented by Dr John O’Donnell Orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip arthroscopies. He is one of the early pioneers in this field and is one of a handful of high volume hip arthroscopists in the world havinfg performed over 4000 hip arthroscopies. Pain from the hip can be felt from the groin, buttock, side of the hip and even be felt radiating down the thigh to the knee. Osteoarthritis (degeneration of the joint cartilage surfaces) is common.

Other causes of hip pain include
(i) Acetabular labral tears
(ii) Femoral acetabular impingment
(iii) Loose bodies
(iv) Synovial chondramatosis
(v) Gluteus medius tendinitis/tears/enthesopathy
(vi) Trachanteric bursitis
(vii) Piriformis syndrome
(viii) Tendon snapping syndromes
(ix) Synovitis
(x) Ligamentum teres tears