When you need the best in Chiropractic care, you’ll find George Hardas offer professional treatment and care you are looking for, covering all areas to help with back, neck and shoulder pain as well as recovering from sporting injuries or pain from work.

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Assistance pain management in Knee Osteo and other knee-related injury.

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Sports Injury treatment

Sports Injury

George has worked with all styles of athletes and professional sporting people, from field sports stars through to motor racing champions, providing the right support to assist in both the prevention of sporting injuries and also possible injury they may have already sustained.

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Physiotherapy treatment in Sydney


George Hardas offers a truly unique point of difference when it comes to chronic pain management, with a combination of treatments.

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Back pain is treatable by a Chiropractor

Back Pain

Back Pain can be the result of many factors, including Neuropathic pain, Chronic Regional Syndrome, Central Sensitisation or general Chronic pain.

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Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic

Thousands of Australian suffer every year from headaches caused by neck pain either from work, sports injuries or as an ongoing result from an accident.

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